Model HM-10 Foot Controlled Pump

Model HMH-10 Hand Controlled Pump

Hydra-Matic Machine and Pumps Ltd. is the manufacturer of one of the most Reliable, Durable and Affordable air to hydraulic pumps on the market. 

Our German engineered, North American built air operated hydraulic pumps can provide up to 10,000 psi of hydraulic pressure and require only a small amount of space.

You have the choice of either hand or foot controlled models with reservoir volumes ranging from 35 cubic inches to 140 cubic inches.

Our pumps are built to handle the toughest demands of the manufacturing and automotive service industries.
They have a highly durable design with:

They are suitable for countless applications, from auto body shops to truck and tire repair shops, from mining and construction operations to industrial and manufacturing operations.

All pumps are made in our new and modern production facilities in Guelph, Ontario and are individually tested before they are shipped.

Service parts are readily available when they should become needed after years of service.

Hydra-Matic Machine and Pumps Ltd. also offers production machining on modern CNC equipment as well as prototype machining, using conventional or CNC machines