The History of Hydra-Matic Machine and Pumps Ltd.

Early in 2003, Hydra-Matic Machine and Pumps Ltd. was established, who then acquired the design, all rights and assets, in respect to the hydraulic pumps from Hydra-Matic Pumps Ltd., Scarborough, Ontario, who retained it's original company name for the remainder of it's business.

The pumps were designed with German engineering expertise over 16 years ago, and produced and distributed across North America on a small scale. Sales were constant and the product well liked by the customers due to its high quality and reliability. However, over the years, this original company branched out into other products, unrelated to hydraulic pumps and concentrated its efforts on the development of  that segment of the business. 

Since the pump production no longer suited the company’s mission, the decision was made to divest itself from the pump department, thus it was sold to Hydra-Matic Machine and Pumps Ltd., Guelph, Ontario.

In this company we are now producing the various models of hydraulic pumps and are able to expand to new output levels in our new and modern facilities.